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who reads these things?

Posted on June 12, 2019 at 12:54 AM Comments comments (308)
ever wondered who your blog audience is? i have especially as many of the people who respond to my blog are totally out of tune with what the blog and my website is all about
at the end of the day its a gardening blog for people living in Adelaide South Australia
yet many people are writing to me from allover the world with subjects such as medicine research or growth hormone products hee hee!
subjects i know nothing about!
so if your considering a landscaping project in the northern suburbs barossa valley or Gawler contact me if not dont bother!

bucking the trend

Posted on August 23, 2013 at 8:11 PM Comments comments (295)
Despite all the doom and gloom we are constantly hearing about the state of the economy, the rise in unemployment and the general state of the construction & manufacturing scene i am pleased to say that as a small residential landscaping business we are definately bucking the trends, our order book is possibly the healthiest it has ever been, and its still the middle of winter!
weather is slowing us down BIG TIME! but the wet will be making way for some beautiful spring days (Cant Wait!) then i know the phone is going to go ballistic again!
now is a great time to start planning those projects around your home as people often forget the wait for a tradesperson gets longer the closer we get to christmas and it seems that christmas day is the day we all want to have our project done by.
if you think i can help you achieve you goals of a beautiful backyard, anappealing front garden makeover maybe some maintenace free synthetic lawn a new paved patio or driveaway then give us a call fro a free noi obligation quote, and dont forget i do back my work with a satisfaction guarantee. ( maybe thats why my order book is full!)
cant wait to see you and get on with your work!

Service is here to stay!

Posted on February 4, 2012 at 12:32 AM Comments comments (52)
Remember the days when flared pants, crop tops and platform shoes were the things to wear? Well just like clothing fashion garden fashions have come and gone too!
It seems not that long ago that people planted large lawns (water was a cheap commodity once) with maybe a feature shade tree and a few marigolds (to a give splash of colour). Well today it seems that our options of plants, garden structures, garden ornaments, groundcover mulches and pebbles are endless.
However people are very conscious of the environment and of course their water consumption, but still want to create an attractive appearance to their pride and joy their home. For most of us our home will be the biggest investment we will ever make, so it's only right that we should want to make it an attractive place, not just for us but for our neighbours and visitors. A good first impression when they come over! Nothing wrong with a little home pride? The other consideration  of course is the added financial value of a well presented home with good street appeal. For many of us pottering about in the garden keeping the lawns mowed trees trimmed, etc  is a source of great pleasure, as well as keeping us fit and healthy, it's also therapeutic. However the biggest enemy can be simply time! Let's face it, who wants to tackle a large landscaping project inthe small amount of free time our busy lives give us?
This of course has created an opportunity for a service industry to grow, providing a professional approach to design and construction of residential and commercial gardens. Building gardens that have become easier to manage and sustainable, that can be enjoyed all year round as well as increasing value to your investment in terms of lifestyle and finance.
As someone who celebrates his 26th year in the landscaping industry, I have seen many of the garden trends that have come and gone. One thing that remains in demand though is something called service! It means when you say you will come around to  discuss a future project, or to start a project you will show up! I have a motto and it's "if you show up you will get the work" and after 26 years I have never been out of work! Service means listening to the client to find out their dreams and aspirations and then suggesting a few creative thoughts into the mix to create a practical stylish outdoor environment that is a pleasure to be in. At a price that is both good value, and conscious of the clients budget. If you are considering creating a new outdoor space for entertaining whether its a new natural or synthetic lawn, a paved patio or driveway, a water conscious garden or retaining garden walls. Then feel free to give me a call for a free no obligation quote
Happy gardening

spring is coming, get in quick!

Posted on August 9, 2011 at 3:11 AM Comments comments (42)
Hi all
well spring is almost upon us and after a fantastic winter the soil is starting to warm up nicely, with plenty of moisture to boot, my ornamental plum is already starting to blossom! which goes to show how well things are, in the garden.
despite the wet weather my team and I have been very busy this season, doing lots of terrific projects for my valuable customers we have laid lots of instant lawn and brick paving. As well moss rock retaining and garden features which continue to be popular. 
Boral's Heathstone garden walling has been a favourite too this season along with its accompanying bullnose capping it does make a beautifull and cost effective garden wall
Synthetic or artificial lawn makes a fantastic alternative to large expanses of paving it looks great and is a soft fall option for the kid's play areas or pool surrounds it has come ahead in leaps and bounds as more manufacturers are getting rid of the unnatural shinyness it had, and the colour is getting more and more like the real thing (without  fertilising mowing edging and watering of course)
of course plenty of people still remain loyal to natural lawn and the dwarf kikuyu has proven to be a winner for us although this time of year the lawn is dormant and a bit off colour (due to it being a warm season lawn ) our suppliers are over sowing with a rye grass to help it retain its colour and appearance during its first winter, of course with some carefull mowing and maintenance the kikuyu will take over by next winter.
its amazing how a few days of warm sunny weather makes my phone ring and already lots of quotes have been done in readiness for this spring and summer season so I encourage you if you want to get a nice new garden lawn sprinklersystem or even a brick paved patio, before christmas silly season kicks in! don't leave it too late or you could be disappointed, I do no obligation quotes so what are you waiting for?
till next time, happy gardening and a big thanks to all our customers this year who have supported me and my team with some great projects 
thanks, Graham :)